Nokia Launches DVB-H Management System

Nokia has launched a commercial service management solution for DVB-H services, the Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solution (MBS) 3.0. It’s based on open standards and includes an Electronic Service Guide — a consumer interface in handsets to let people search available services and set alerts for upcoming programs.
“The MBS 3.0 offers mobile broadcst service providers a single platform which can serve several content providers. At the same time, it offers content providers a protected distribution channel to mobile users. Broadcasters get flexibility in defining the geographical distribution coverage and service bundles consisting of free-to-air, subscription based and pay-per-view services as well as setting pricing schemes. The MBS 3.0 supports mobile service providers in offering broadcast related e-commerce and interctive services. Furthermore, the MBS 3.0 solution provides invoicing for prepaid cellular subscribers.”
Nokias mobile TV page is here.
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