Happy Diwali All


All my friends, we are celebrating the Indian festival of lights, aka Diwali. The official day of Diwali this year is November 1, which means my family has already started celebrating.

It is the day I miss my family the most, and hope that some day I will spend some time with them. I wish all of you, my cyber-family, a very Happy Diwali. I am going to buy me a Video iPod as a Diwali gift.

And let me not forget to wish you all a very scary Halloween.



Happy Diwali to you too. May you wish is granted this Diwali of spending time with your family.

Gopal Balaji

Happy Diwali OM,

I wish you and your family a happy and prosperous diwali and i like you to post on your blog about Itunes music store for india since we indians are more passionate about stories and films and new video ipod will give us chance to watch our movies,TV serials on our ipod and also apple can find more video related content in india than till now in US.

fun with your new diwali gift video ipod.


Run up to Diwali –
* Terrorists strike Delhi, Manmohan sends a strong msg to Musharaff
* BSE 10% drop in a week, 200+points gain in a day
* Cracker on the streets much lesser than couple of years back, Dhoni sets fireworks with a big 100.

Happy Diwali :-)


Hi Om ,Wishing Peace & Prosperity for you and your family …Have a joyful Deepavali Celebration!

Kris Kumar

Happy Diwali to All!

You said it Om, this is the time of the year I too miss my family and friends..and ah yes the mithai. :-)

Gerry Masky

Ah Om!!

The Diwali you miss in India is now very loud..but hell who cares it is Diwali a time to feel good, eat some really mithai (50000 calories a byte :)),gamble and celebrate.

Happy Diwali

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