3M Post-It Notes now works with ink


Marc Orchant points out that the current version of 3M’s Post-It Note software now has pen input on Tablet PCs. You have to spring $25 for the professional version to get the ink capabilities but I found it useful enough to do so. It is great to be able to keep a sticky note on the screen where I can ink little niggling tasks that don’t deserve a spot on my To-Do list in Outlook. The Pro version also lets you send and receive sticky notes from anyone else on your LAN that is also using the Pro version. You can even configure the notes with your personal preferences for new notes, including attaching any image you want to the header. Cool.


Andy Lin

This has been around for a while now (over a year), but most people only use the free version of 3M’s software.


Having multiple notes on screen at once, different background colors, ink colors etc.


Out of curiousity, other than images, what benefit does it give over sticky notes? Or even journal, for that matter?

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