The Extra-Large, Ultra-Small Medium

Mobile TVThe New York Times has a fairly philosophical piece on advances in television, from super-sized high-definition screen to the tiny mobile one…and how the screens are being used by people. It’s suggested that the two technologies are returning the golden age of TV where people were impressed with the idea of moving pictures and used to gather to watch TV communally…
“Like nearly everything else about mobile televisions, the camcorder feature can make a viewer accustomed to more passive forms of television-watching feel strangely powerful. To watch a big, high-quality set is to be pleasantly overwhelmed: the picture engulfs your entire field of vision, tempting you to surrender to the sheer force of the images. (Viewers of these sets “tend to not change channels as often,” Mr. Tice said. “They’re more involved in that program and less likely to switch away.”)

But on a small set, you loom over the inch-tall figures, cupping them in your hands, and your fingers never leave the buttons that control them. As new as the sensation is, there’s something familiarly televisionlike about it, and then you realize: what you’re doing, in effect, is watching a remote control.”
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