New Microsoft Color Control Panel

If you are into serious color work you need to calibrate the color profiles so the colors you see on your screen match the colors output by your printer. You also want to make sure your color scanner is calibrated so images you scan in will match the colors exactly as you see it on your monitor. Microsoft has quietly released the Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP that lets you calibrate all three types of devices so the colors match exactly. You can easily create color profiles depending on which pairs of devices you want to match with a simple selection. Features as listed on the download web page:

Using the Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet, you can:

  • Install and uninstall ICC color profiles
  • Inspect, rename, and compare two different color profiles
  • View a 3D graphics plot of color profile color gamuts
  • Associate color profiles with devices such as printers, monitors, and scanners
  • Apply custom color gamut adjustments to one or more displays “on the fly”
  • Set up display calibration reminders at intervals you specify

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