Busy family? Track everyone with Trumba

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If you have a busy household with older kids it is a nightmare trying to keep track of where everyone needs to be at any given time. Mom and Dad have their own schedules and have to know where little Johnny needs to be for baseball practice and when was Susie’s soccer game? If that describes your life then maybe Trumba can help. Trumba is an online schedule that can track everyone’s schedule in one place so both Mom and Dad can plan who is taking which kid to which event. Trumba is not free but it has some advanced features that can make the $39.95 annual fee worth it. Here’s a list of some of the major features that Trumba provides:

  • Create unlimited calendars
  • Publish group calendars as Web pages
  • Share a calendar privately
  • Email upcoming events to a distribution list
  • Synchronize with Microsoft® Office Outlook®
  • Access your calendar from any Internet-connected comp

There is a 60 day free trial so you can see if it is the solution you are looking for without pulling out the credit card.

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We’re cheating.

We use a family Yahoo account and all update that account calendar.

I copy important after hours, all-day, and out-of-town events to this calendar.

It’s slightly cumbersome, but we all can look up when the other family members are free.

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