Houston Astros- thanks for a great ride


Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox for their sweep of the Houston Astros in the World Series.  Even though the White Sox won all four games in the series I cannot remember a more exciting matchup, with all games very close to the end.  How close were the games?  The run differential across all four games was 6.  Wow.  To our Houston Astros, thanks for taking the fans along with you on a great ride through the season.  Never before has a team with such a bad record early in the season (15-30) pulled it together and made it to the playoffs, much less the World Series.  We know how much heart you have displayed through the entire season and we thank you for that.  The fans in Houston are proud of everything you have accomplished and look forward to next year.  Go Stros!



My best team of MLB is The Houston Astros . This why I always fallow their games especially whenever I have some time. I’m always trying not o miss any of their game and hear about the team’s news. But The Houston Astros tickets get more pricy especially when there are some hot games. But, if we’re really good fans we should try not to be mean when we’re talking about a favourite teams. It’s not only the Astros tickets that got pricy, but there are other major teams too, so the team needs our support and we should provide as much as we can.


Well, even though I wanted to see a closer series (for the sake of the sport), it is quite fantastic that the White Sox were able to pull this off. It not only breaks a very long dry spell for the “other” team of Chicago, but for those like me who grew up in Caracas, it is great to see our Venezuela countryman Ozzie Guillen pull this off as the manager of the team.

The Astros did a great job, and it was a great World Series…


I so wanted this to go the other way. I have been a fan of Phil Garner since I was my son’s size (we lived in Pittsburgh when he played there during the Stargell era…). I wanted to see Phil get World Series win.

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