Today’s Web 2.0 Potpurri


Update: Over Hyped ToDay: Google Base might have generated more talk than actual use. The damn thing is not accessible most of the time, and they want this to be the next Craigslist/eBay? Golden rule of announcing a beta product – make sure it works and is available online! Well, big foot in my mouth. Apparently, Google did not even announce this, though there were some stories in WSJ and AP. The official word.

Under Hyped ToDay: Outfoxed, a Firefox extension that makes social search real. Even Fox-TV fans will approve.

Start-Up tip of the Day: Did you know that you can start your own Web 2.0 company? All you need to do is just enter name, game and hit reload on this site. Yup, its that easy. Money men will show up 10 minutes later, or depending on what the traffic is doing on 101.

Darling of the Day: Frappr. Create your own maps, add photos and geotags. Life Hacker says, “It’s a neat application of Google Maps to see real faces and places of people in virtual communities.” Hey I started a GigaOM Frappr. How about letting me know what you look like?

Download of the Day: Akismet from Word Press creator Matt Mullenweg. Stops spam cold in its tracks.


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