The Interestingness Economy Debate

Must Read for the Day: Anil Dash on Flickr, and The Interesting Economy. He extends my argument about the economic unreality of social apps.

But interestingness in Flickr doesn’t pay. At least not yet. Non-pro users are seeing ads around my photos, but Yahoo’s not sharing the wealth with me, even though I’ve created a draw.

Caterina Fake responds. I don’t buy her argument that, “But monetization strategy or no, the culture of generosity is the very backbone of the internet.” Makes sense for the company creators, not us beasts of burden who help build the social -app companies. At least in the case of Flickr, I get something, which is basically a place to store or share my photos. It is a personal-gain factor involved in it. I don’t see that in other social services. Caterina goes on to say that its the ISPs who are the biggest free loaders of the interestingness economy.

And the biggest interestingness freeloaders of all have to be the ISPs — all this interesting content provided by me, Anil and everyone else is the reason millions of Americans monthly DSL bills.

That’s one of those chicken-and-egg arguments, but if you factor in the costs, its hard to buy into her argument. Still, it is an interesting debate. To be continued, as they say.


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