Telecom ’05: The Year They Waited For Video


Well, that’s my phraseology..the Telecom ’05 conference (organized by USTA) is going on in Las Vegas, and bunch of activity (some might call it wishful-thinking) around video over IP. Below is a collection of stories:

Hearst-Argyle Chief Embraces Telcos: Hearst-Argyle, owner of 25 TV stations across the U.S., is hoping to align itself with telecom companies so that broadcasters’ new digital programming content can be combined with IPTV services.

SBC, others see new breed of TV: SBC envisions offering personalized bundles of services that span video, voice, broadband data and wireless communications..some example scenarios in the story.

SBC Stretches Lightspeed Timeline: The company has quietly given itself another six months — until mid 2008 — to reach 18 million households with the fiber-based IPTV, voice, and data bundle.

Clasen: Programmers Will Reinvent: Starz Entertainment Group CEO Robert B. Clasen said content providers are prepared to “break the mold” and reinvent video programming as new distribution systems are rolled out combining digital TV, on-demand, telephony, high-speed-Internet access and wireless technology.

Panel: Video Changes the Telecom Act: Significant momentum now exists in Washington to do away with local video franchises. Such a reassuring regulatory posture, the telcos say, would speed investment in new video networks.

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