Mobile TV Should Add To Other Platforms

Speaking at the US Telecom Association’s TELECOM ’05 convention in Las Vegas, Starz Entertainment Group (SEG) President and CEO Robert B. Clasen claimed that although mobile TV removed the need to fit into half-hour time slots it serves best by integrating with other platforms:

The key to the new platforms that package digital, on demand, high speed internet, telephony and wireless, said Clasen, is to develop programming that works across all platforms “ensuring that for the consumer the whole is more valuable than the sum of its parts.” As an example he showed one of the parodies of famous movies starring animated bunnies, now running on the SEG services. The 30-second versions of such films as “Titanic” and “Star Wars” can work as interstitial programming on the linear channels, as bonus material in the on demand environment and as standalone programming in the IP and cellular worlds. “This little bunny hops easily from one platform to the other,” he added.

Clasen said that in the last six months the bunny shorts have been SEG’s most popular downloads, logging nearly 2 million requests to view. He also said that Starz has an advantage in the mobile TV market because the shows do not rely on commercial revenue and the company does not have a DVD business to defend…
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