His Master’s Voice, Nov 2005 Business 2.0

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november 2005 b2 issue Here are two stories of mine in the November 2005 issue of Business 2.0

Taming the WiFi Beast: Home is where the Wi-Fi is. And the more Wi-Fi you get in your home, the bigger the business opportunity becomes. With a raft of new Wi-Fi-hungry devices arriving for the holiday season, consumers could soon face a domestic broadband bottleneck. Fortunately, lots of new companies are lining up to ease the congestion.

Tech’s Big Comeback: Startups are hot–again. Valuations are nuts–again. Fortunes are being made–again. Here’s how to play it right this time.

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great article…if I could read it without subscribing.

I gotta say, with all the numerous media sources and opinions out there, when I meet a pay-for firewall (be it nytimes or biz2.0), I generally pass. it’s not even the money issue most of the time, I just can’t be bother with keeping track of 500 different annual bills for all the content I want to read.

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