Anaheim’s Earthlink WiFi Plan

Anaheim admits to what I have been reporting for the longest time – they are working on a city wide network in tandem with Earthlink. Esme asks “Isn’t this the old cable franchise model all over again?” I feel, cities should decide on what they want to do. I think this is a no-cost model which is worth trying out. More from WiFi Net News, and Daily Wireless.

In other metro wifi news…

* Rio Rancho has turned on a city wide network built by Azulstar Networks. The company has turned on two networks in Michigan – Ferrysburg and Spring Lake are now in the Grand Haven Tri-City metro Wi-Fi network.

* Comcast’s venture arm has invested in BelAir Networks, a WiFi mesh networking gear maker. The two had partnered in their failed bid for Wireless Philadelphia. Comcast, McLean Watson Capital and others invested a total of $20 million in the Series C funding, indicating their seriousness about Metro WiFi opportunities.