Picture of the Motion LS800 in a pocket


Doctors have been saying for a while that if they could get a Tablet PC that would fit in their white coat pocket they would grab one.  Long-time mini-Tablet advocate Mickey Segal has posted a couple of pictures of the LS800 fitting in a pocket that size.  He had a special pocket made inside a sports coat to prove it would fit for doctors and business people alike.


Mickey Segal

Often I’ve put the LS800 into the jacket pocket while the computer was warm and I’ve never had problems, though the LS800 has no fan so the LE1600 may not be a good guide. The only heat problems I’ve encountered with the LS800 have been while both connected to AC power and using the hard drive a lot.


I know I’ve discovered with my LE1600, which has a fan, that you don’t cover the backside vents with cloth. I can just imagine what would happen to an LS800 inserted, still running, into such a pocket.

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