New World Series controversy in Houston


Chicago leads the Houston Astros 2-0 (boo hiss) in the World Series with the next 3 games playing in Houston starting tonight.  Game 3 is already embroiled in controvery here in Houston with a mandate that the MLB officials passed down this afternoon.  Minute Maid Park (fondly called the Juice Box in Houston) has a retractable roof and a big home field advantage at the end of the season was exploited by closing the roof for all games.  The home field crowd noise is deafening with the roof closed and the Astros have been nearly unbeatable at home with the roof closed.  Houston players like all baseball players are a superstitious lot and in interviews they’ve made it clear they feel “lucky” with the roof closed.  This afternoon league officials stepped in and mandated the roof be open for all remaining World Series games in Houston weather permitting.  Players are ticked, Astros coach Phil Garner is ticked and fans are irate that the league intends to remove a big part of the home field advantage for Houston.  We’ll just have to see how this plays out but it seems to me MLB officials should not add another controversy to a series already filled with them.



Hehe, it’s jk’s Blog. He can write about anything he wants.

It’s good to see Astro’s fans celebrating!

Are you a Houston Texan or Dallas Cowboy fan is the next question? Or possibly a San Antonio Saints fan? ;)


Jon-I don’t think this is off topic. I mean, the blog is called “jkOnTheRun”. I’m sure JK would be running if he had tickets to the Series ;-)


Yep, one complaint by opposing players in Minnesota is the ball gets lost against the white roof in the Metrodome.

…and it’s his blog and Houston is his team :)

14 innings, 5 + hours – talk about getting your money’s worth from a World Series game.

Barry Brahier

In the land of the Twins I remember the ’87 series in the “Thunderdome”. All I have to say is, live by the roof, die by the roof. Should have built it without that rollback option. Honestly though, good luck and enjoy the game. After all, that’s what counts, eh?

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