What’s in my gadget bag now?


It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about what I’m carrying around with me every day and since picking up the Gateway a few things have changed so here’s my list:

  1. booq boa.XL bag– I love my boa.XS but since it’s way too small to carry the Gateway I picked up the boa.XL.  It’s probably bigger than I need but it certainly can carry everything I could possibly need.
  2. Gateway M280 Tablet PC– the big Kahuna.  14" widescreen, 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB HDD, ATI Mobility Radeon X600 SE video with 256 MB VRAM.  Like writing on a legal pad in portrait and while heavy it is a true desktop replacement laptop.
  3. BatteryGeek PowerPack 130– this eliminates the need to carry a power adapter with me.  Powers the Gateway for over 6 hours and charges the Gateway battery at the same time.  With the PowerPack I have over 10 hours battery life with me at all times.
  4. iPod– 40 GB.  I back up my docs to this baby and still have 2600+ songs.  No video.
  5. Motorola v710 cell phone– Bluetooth, and I get a credit due to the class action lawsuit.
  6. Motorola HS810 Bluetooth Headset.  Super for those long tech support calls.
  7. Verizon EVDO modem– Merlin V620.
  8. Sony Fontopia earphones. Most comfortable earphones and they sound wonderful.
  9. Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse– simply the best non-Bluetooth wireless mouse I have used.
  10. Canon i70 Mobile Printer– I don’t carry this often but when I need it I do.  It fits easily in the booq bag and with the LiON battery will print about 100+ pages on one charge.  It’s not wireless but USB.  Churns out gorgeous photos with photo paper but guzzles ink.

That’s it.  This is my mobile office and while it’s larger than I prefer it’s a powerhouse combination.



The M280 I am using is not the same model as the one available at Best Buy. I don’t think it’s available at Gateway yet, either.


yeah, it’s a large mobile office. but you seem to be OK with it. after all, you’ve been using mobile devices since they weighed 30 lbs, hehehe. btw, how much do you think the total weight is?

as for me, my mobile office is my Qtek 9100 (aka K-Jam and HTC Wizard) and sometimes my Thinkpad T40 comes along.

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