The 3G Opportunity

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Business 2.0: It’s a critical juncture for the nation’s largest carriers. Cingular, Sprint, and Verizon are all betting on their next-generation networks and 3G phones to bolster their profit margins, hoping that consumers will sign up for data plans that give them access to video clips, mobile games, and downloadable music. But the new networks, which could send lucrative services over the air to tens of millions of people, also present a potential gold mine of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Sooner or later, like Apple, phone companies will wake up and realize that the small entrepreneurs who are building services and peripherals for 3G phones will ultimately be the best salespeople for their networks. And that’s when the 3G economy will really start to take off. Continue reading this article @ Business 2.0 website.

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K. Rahul

Looks like access of data over handheld devices will shape the future of internet.

A source in Indian media tells me that data access over GPRS even in India is becoming mainstream.

CNBC is capturing this- perhaps the first of its kind- on a popular show called Young Turks. My source did not tell me when this show will be broadcast, but they’re doing a major story about and it’s ceo where the ceo makes mainstream use of GPRS.

i’m gonna find out more about when this show will be on, but the bigger picture is GPRS and a consumer site ceo!

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