Next year will be a big one for mobile devices

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Intel has been hard at work on the Pentium M mobile chipsets that will be appearing next year and I believe their chip releases will rock the mobile world.  At the heart of the upcoming advances are a number of chipsets with dual cores.  This will be a huge advance for mobile devices of all types, notebooks and Tablet PCs especially, and coupled with the new Robson cache technology that will enable instant-on we are about to see an explosion of ultra-fast portable devices with much better battery life.  Remember where you heard that first.  Tom Leung has a complete Intel mobile roadmap that shows estimated launch times for various dual core Pentium M chipsets and the future is not very far away.

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Now if we can only get the battery companies to make more powerful and lighter batteries that can keep up with processor, memory, hard drive, and other portable innovations, we would be set.

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