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I recently had the chance to play with the OQO, albeit rather briefly, while I was in Seattle (thanks for letting me play with it, Steven Hughes).  The OQO is the tiniest full-blown PC you can currently obtain and it is really cool.  One of the things I noticed while playing with the pen on the active digitizer screen was how “squishy” the screen is when you write on it.  This effect has been noted by a number of OQO owners along with the poor response on the edges (and corners) of the digitizer.  This is unfortunate as the OQO could make a dynamite mini-Tablet PC.

My advice to OQO is to release a version of the device ASAP with a touch screen (passive digitizer) with the Windows XP Tablet Edition.  The touch screen coupled with the Tablet extensions would make the OQO a killer Tablet PC.  The benefits of being able to manipulate the screen with the fingertip would be good for owners and the Tablet extensions would make it a true Tablet PC, with all the advanced handwriting recognition that would bring.  OQO could make the devices cheaper and thus possibly reach a larger audience.  I would love to hear what current owners of the OQO think about this idea.



They can’t use a passive touchscreen with Windows Tablet PC. Microsoft only allows manufacturers to use TabletPC with active touchscreens.



They probably won’t retool the touchscreen for the Model 02.

I’ve enjoyed the Sony U Gunze passive touchscreen and do not use the OQO Wacom active touchscreen at all.

I’m looking forward to the OQO Model 01+ with the various upgrades:
– 512MB
– USB 2.0
– 30Gb disk
– Screen rotation
– True 100MB Ethernet (not advertised but chipset was changed in the docking cable)
– OQO Manager enhancement that should save power by providing control for wireless and Bluetooth (not advertised)
– OQO Manager Display enhancement to make the touchscreen more responsive around the edges

The processor and the missing enhanced battery (due in December) are the only things truly limiting the 01+ at this point.


I owned the OQO for a few weeks (I had to pay a restocking fee for them to take it back). The battery gets too hot for it to be confortable for more than ten minutes at a time. Having, at the time, a hard drive of 20Gb was limiting. I could have lived with it if it had not been for the USB 1.1 which severely limited my ability to move data around. There was no excuse for the limited USB functionality, or even the limited hard drive – as I had a 60Gb iPod at the time.

If they upgrade the USB to a “working” USB 2 speed (I have had the pleasure of testing my
external USB 2 hard drive, as well as my iPod on several PCs and not all USB 2 computers have the same speed!) and manage to work around the heat problem as well as upgrade the OS to Tablet PC I might risk the restocking fee again – but, in the meanwhile, I’m thinking of getting a Flybook.

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