Advice to OQO

I recently had the chance to play with the OQO, albeit rather briefly, while I was in Seattle (thanks for letting me play with it, Steven Hughes).  The OQO is the tiniest full-blown PC you can currently obtain and it is really cool.  One of the things I noticed while playing with the pen on the active digitizer screen was how “squishy” the screen is when you write on it.  This effect has been noted by a number of OQO owners along with the poor response on the edges (and corners) of the digitizer.  This is unfortunate as the OQO could make a dynamite mini-Tablet PC.

My advice to OQO is to release a version of the device ASAP with a touch screen (passive digitizer) with the Windows XP Tablet Edition.  The touch screen coupled with the Tablet extensions would make the OQO a killer Tablet PC.  The benefits of being able to manipulate the screen with the fingertip would be good for owners and the Tablet extensions would make it a true Tablet PC, with all the advanced handwriting recognition that would bring.  OQO could make the devices cheaper and thus possibly reach a larger audience.  I would love to hear what current owners of the OQO think about this idea.


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