PowerBook HD vs. SD Pictures


The nice people over at 99mac have posted some shots of the new HD 17 inch PowerBook, comparing it to its predecessor. The screen is indeed noticeably brighter, and although there are more pixels squeezed in to the same area, the clarity of the screen seems astounding.

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Frank Bisono


Not to beat a dead horse, but Apple does NOT consider the new laptops to be High Def. I worked for Apple, and currently am contracted by them as a Systems Engineer. I assure you, they are not considered High Def by *ANY* standard. If they were, Apple would be promoting that as part of their workflow and digital solutions for pro video. If you go to the website at the present moment. look at the Powerbook promo underneath the headlines. The wording clearly says “Higher-resolution”.

Last, but not least, anything that is “HD” by Apple will be branded with HD to clearly distinguish HD from SD. Look at the tech specs for the new portables and you will notice the lack of HD anywhere in the specs.

Just want to make sure everyone was clear on this. The media / blogsphere tends to blow things out of proportion and we don’t need Apple being accused of lying about the new laptops being “High Def” when in fact, they are not. Either way, the new displays are sweet! When *if* Apple finally does come out with an HD display, I am sure it will be HUGE news. Can’t wait myself for that, should be an interesting Powerbook.

Peace out…

Nathan Ziarek

I think the common vernacular for the phrase “high definition” refers to high definition television. HD television has three different standards:

480p 720×480
720p 1280×720
1080i 1920×1080
(and then 1080p, but that’s not “official”)

Except for 1080i, these new screens are most definitely high def.


Man i really need to get one my old PB i starting to get close to end of life, to bad its not a intel machine as they are comming up soon i dont know if its worth waiting another 6 months.

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