Nice “real world” review of the Motion LS800

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TabletSwitcher has been using a Motion LS800 for a few months and has collected his/ her thoughts on life with the little Tablet PC.  The review does a good job pointing out the good and the bad and is overall an excellently balanced look at the LS800.  Of course the best part is the author is obviously a fan of jkOnTheRun:

Anyone with an interest in the littlest Motion should check out this article.  I must say I would have purchased the LS800 in a heartbeat if it had a PC Card slot for EVDO connectivity.

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matt s

I saw the LS800 in person for the first time at Educause conference last week. It would be my perfect little tablet. The stand for the 800 is pretty neat as well.
For being a higher-ed IT conference, I noticed that only about a forth of the people using some form of tablet. Most were still trying to do the awkward notebook thing while checking their email between sessions. But there are some really cool things being done with tablets in some education circles.

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