Widget help needed


I have had amazing success with the Dashboard widget that has 10-most recent headlines from this site. Nearly 5000 downloads so far, and people simply like to click the headline and read the posts. I want to offer the same lil app to windows users. Anyone kind enough to develop a Konfabulator widget for GigaOM and also come-up with a Google SideBar app. I will buy you one thing from your Amazon.com Wish List or give you an iTunes Gift Card.



hmm…thats easy, I can churn that out for you, can u send me your dashboard widgets’ png files, I can get you going in a flash.

Om Malik

Josh, I have a dashboard widget which basically alerts you to recent headlines as they are published. In other words, an headline RSS feed in a nice desktop package.

Josh Chaney

What do you want the widget to do? I have done a few for Konfabulator, but never released anything on their website. I would be willing if it’s not too crazy.

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