Savvis CEO spent $241,000 On Lap Dances?

savvis ceoThe Smoking Gun says Robert McCormick, 40, and three guests ran up the tab during a visit to the Scores nightclub in October 2003, and are now refusing to pay the tabs. McCormick is the CEO of Savvis, a data-center company. The credit card company has sued Mccormick and Savvis for not coughing up the cash. The charges were put on a corporate credit card (American Express.) McCormick claims that only $20,000 of the total is legit. Come on, even $20,000 is too much on lap-dances. (Hey maybe they can use some of that $85 million they recently raised!) Not that Scores is holier than thou. They are know to overcharge. All I wanna know is who were those three guests. (Link Tip Aman!)