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Rupert Murdoch: Pragmatic Internet Evangelist

Updated: Wrong link to MP3 file earlier…corrected now:
Admist the annual meeting rumblings and grumblinsg about corporate governance, News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch took his case for the company’s new internet strategy to the shareholders. He wasn’t asking, mind you, but explaining his rationale for more than $1 billion in acquisitions, the spending yet to come and the continued, intense focus on digital media. Nothing earth shattering but worth a listen.
Murdoch laid the groundwork by talking about the other gambles he and the company have taken that turned out to be big wins — creating a fourth broadcast network, a third cable news network, a regional sports network, etc. (That would not include News Corp.’s first online go round.)

From his comments: — “If I listened to some of my critics, News Corp would still be a small newspaper company in Australia.”

— “It is an area of the media industry we simply cannot ignore and indeed has become our greatest single area of purpose over the past year. Why the urgency? Because the internet is the fastest growing advertising market รข