How do you use Smart Folders/Mailboxes?

Smart FolderSo I’ve been using Tiger since the day it was released and there are many features that I love and others that I find completely useless or have yet to find a use for. A couple of those things that I’ve yet to really find a use for are Smart Folders and Smart Mailboxes.

I do quite a bit of client work and so I’ve got hundreds of jobs to manage and tons of mail from all of those clients to organize. For me it just seems hard to grasp the idea of having an “imaginary” directory. A year from now I need to know exactly where various files and emails are and it seems quite disorganized to just throw all my client files and emails into a base directory and then have Smart Folders organize everything based on dates, keywords, file types, etc.

All that being said, maybe I’m just looking at this whole concept wrong. So, how do use them? Are they as useful as Apple makes them out to be? I’d love to hear how you guys (and gals) use them.


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