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SwapsimpleA national used book, DVD and video game exchange may be the easiest and cheapest way to swap stuff with others.  Swap Simple is a very simple service to use and even prints out pre-paid mailing labels on your local printer to send the items you swap to someone else.  Here’s how it works (from the Swap Simple web site):

  • Universal Trading: Using SwapSimple, you can trade items in any combination. Trade books for DVDs, Video Games for books, or any other combination that suits your needs.
  • Instant Trades: When you list an item for trade, you instantly receive Trade Credits. This allows you to list items and get items in the same sitting if desired.
  • Integrated Shipping: We provide fully prepaid mailing labels that you print out at home on regular paper, so that it never costs you anything to send one of your items to another SwapSimple user.
  • 100% Trade Safe Protection: If you are unsatisfied with any trade on SwapSimple, we will gladly award you a full refund.
  • No Membership Fees: Having an account on SwapSimple is totally free, and you simply pay as you go. For each item you receive, pay only $2, plus the actual cost of shipping ($1.55 for DVDs & games, and $3.00 for books – price varies by weight). Shipping is sold at cost, to pass you the most savings possible.

I haven’t used the service myself but it looks like a pretty cool way to exchange stuff.

(via TRFJ)

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