Ring Tones — The New Protest Songs

This is kind of funny, but an interesting social phenomenon none the less…it seems that there is a growing fad in the US to use ringtones as a ‘protest’, or at least to indicated your political beliefs to the world. The idea originated with the Hello Garci ringtone in the Philippines which purported to be of the newly-elected president conspiring with a head election official to fix the election…anyhoo, the US version is similar although there is a lot more commercialism… charities and campaigns such as the Save the Whales campaign using ringtones, as well as suggestions that artists could use the medium to offer support to their favorite causes.
The hodge-podge of ringtone formats was raised as a barrier, but not an insurmountable one:
“San Francisco programmer and activist Evan Henshaw Plath is building a similar open-source system called Riot Tones, which will help people create their own ring tones, upload and archive them to the Web and help share them with other people. A tool like this, which works with loopholes in cell phone companies’ tightly regulated networks, is needed to let phones reach their natural potential, he said.”