Reading ebooks on a Tablet PC in bed


Eric Mack wants to read ebooks on his heavy Tecra M4 Tablet PC reclining in bed but is afraid if he nods off he’ll drop it and it will kill him.  Trust those Japanese engineers to invent something just for Eric.

Rainbow Book Stand


Mike M.

Back in the last millenium [when computing meant going to the comp-sci building and punching holes in cards to feed data from a chemistry experiment into the big mainframe] a friend had a similar problem with the printed book. His solution: attach a shelf made of heavy plate glass or plexiglass on the wall above the head of his bed. He could read with head on pillow, needing only to turn the page on occasion. The tablet pc owner would only need a wireless mouse to click to turn the page.

A less “permanent” solution and cheaper than those manufactured things- get a lapstand (like for breakfast in bed), make a two strapped sling to hold the computer suspended from the bottom, and put it on a stack of pillows on each side of your head (or make leg extensions).


And think of how much money one could save by dispensing with the reading lamp directed at the stand.

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