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Online Journal’s Paid Circulation Would Put It In Top Five U.S. Newspapers

A chart (pop-up) in my inbox from Gordon Crovitz, who heads the Dow Jones Electronics Publishing unit, puts the Online Journal‘s sub numbers in perspective: with a paid circulation of 764,000, the online edition now has a higher circulation than all but four U.S. Newspapers. Crovitz, who reminds me that I said the Q305 numbers would be the first test of the recent price hike, writes: “We’re especially pleased by this new record circulation after the price increase during the summer. … This shows that the Online Journal has a larger paid circulation than some great newspapers, such as the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune. It also indicates the long-term opportunity for the paid model to be an important part of a successful news publishing business.” If the Online Journal actually was part of the top 10 daily circ list, it would be the only one with year-over-year gains — 9 percent compared to flat or single-digit declines.

Of course, it’s not completely comparable — for instance, even at $99 for non-print subs, a subscription to the Online Journal is still relatively inexpensive compared to the print WSJ, the New York Times and many other newspapers. Also, many of those subscribers are duplicates from the print edition paying up to $49 a year for the electronic add-on. Still, it’s an interesting way to look at something that has no real comps otherwise.

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