Mobile Content As Popular As TV?

Forbes has picked up on a comment by Endemol U.K.’s chief creative officer, Peter Bazalgette which is that (to quote the article) “In just five years, three billion people will watch content on mobile devices–equal to the number who watch TV”.
It’s true that in 5 years there will be at least 3 billion mobile users, but let’s go over to AFP’s coverage of the event, shall we? After six paragraphs of touting the success of mobile TV and giving some examples of shows they sounded a note caution: “No one disputes the enormous size of the mobile phone market, which is expected to expand from today’s 700 million handsets to two billion by next year, rising to three billion by 2010…But only a small minority of the mobiles in today’s market are the powerful third generation (3G) handsets that provide users with high-quality multimedia video, music and TV streaming…Recent forecasts from Jupiter Research, however, suggest that 65 million people around the world will be subscribing to streaming or broadcast TV services by 2010.”
Mobile video does show promise, and so does broadcast mobile TV, but tossing out figures like 3 billion viewers by 2010 is stupid. Don’t overhype it.
Anyway, this statement from the Forbes article is a bit more believable…
“I have been in the business for 28 years, and my only access to the audience, until now, has been in the living room,” Bazalgette said. “I can now reach them 24 hours a day, which has to be the biggest challenge in my career. I believe it is a very big opportunity.”
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