Best Buy TV ad features the Convertible Notebook


I’m normally not much of a TV person but with the exciting baseball playoffs I’ve probably watched more TV in the past few weeks than all the rest of the year.  I have seen a TV ad that Best Buy has been running the last week or so that introduces the Geek Squad service that is now at Best Buy performing computer repairs.  The interesting part of the ad is the very beginning where a guy is showing how the swivel screen of the Gateway CX2610 Tablet PC works.  It’s pretty cool and affirms Best Buy’s intention to drop some big bucks on ads that include the new Gateway.  It’s about time. 


Josh Einstein

It’s a shame that you can’t find a working tablet in a Best Buy or a knowledgable employee in reality. Also, the “Geek Squad” is the corniest thing I’ve ever seen. :)

It’s funny they invested all this money in the new Beetle’s back when they were cool oh, what 5 years ago or something?

By the way, the new Gateway tablet is really promising anyway!



You may want to watch the game on TV AND on

For the past few years, the Yanks have been in the WS and it’s cool watching the Diamond cam online while the Tv is on. During commercials, you can see what’s going on on the fieldand it’s pretty neat.

Enjoy your team making the big dance this year! Gotta love Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte.

Clemens/Pettitte versus El Duque is going to be awesome.

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