Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook


Michael Linenberger’s book Seize the Work Day is simply the best book for learning to be productive with a Tablet PC and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Michael has just published his latest book, Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook and it is another outstanding book that focuses on using Outlook to streamline every aspect of your work day.  I was honored to be a reviewer for this book and I must tell you it is simply great for not only showing you the ins and outs of using Outlook to control your day but also how to optimally configure Outlook to make doing so easier.  I highly recommend this book to anyone using Outlook who wants to get hold of their hectic work day and get more done.  From the book web site:

  • How to get ahead of your out-of-control workday.
  • Methods for getting all important work done each day, so you can leave work on time, guilt free, gaining 25% or more of you workday and workweek back.
  • Techniques to eliminate the “everything is a fire” approach to work.
  • How to get your e-mail under control, so that you fully leverage the power e-mail can give you.
  • How to configure Outlook to “activate” the Total Workday Control system.


Pete Riley

I read Michael Linenberger’s previous book, “Seize the work day with the tablet PC”, and while it contained some great tips, they did not justify over 500 pages. There were perhaps half a dozen nuggets that would have best been delivered in a short article. In his second book, which is 290 pages, he tackles how to use outlook tasks! Can you/anyone confirm that there is enough substance in the book to warrant all of those pages?


I hate being stuck in a Lotus Notes world. Having come from using Outlook daily, it just kills me to use this prehistoric program.

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