Blu-Ray’s Won? HP Calls For Compromise

The activity in the DVD standards market is at fever pace, with the two rival factions: HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray. Today, Forrester came out with a controversial report which says that Blu-Ray has won.

“After a long and tedious run-up to the launch, it is now clear to Forrester that the Sony-led Blu-ray format will win,” Ted Schadler, a Forrester analyst, said in the report. “But unless the HD DVD group abandons the field, it will be another two years before consumers are confident enough of the winner to think about buying a new-format DVD player.”

In the computing industry, Schadler’s prediction doesn’t bode well for Intel and Microsoft, which allied themselves with HD DVD in September. Days after, Intel’s two main PC chip customers, Dell and HP, reaffirmed their Blu-ray commitment.

Also today, HP came out and said that the two factions must compromise: it has called for the Blu-Ray Assocation to include two specific features in the technology favored by Microsoft and Intel, that led the two to go to the HD-DVD camp.

One is a technology called managed copy in the technical specifications of its format. Managed copy would allow users to copy HD movies onto PCs from discs in order to distribute the video around a house on home networks. HP also asked the group to support a technology called iHD that allows movie studios to add interactive features on discs such as games and connections to the Internet that are especially well-suited to PCs. Microsoft plans to include iHD in its forthcoming Windows Vista OS.