Apple’s latest special event (who’s keeping count these days?) saw the upgrade of the 15″ and 17″ powerbooks with higher resolutions (1440×960 and 1680×1050 respectively), as well as dual core CPUs and dropped pricing on the 23″ and 30″ Cinema Displays. These are all worthy announcements to be sure. But the last thing was the item of interest to me – Aperture.

Basically, Aperture is meant to be a sort of Final Cut for Digital Photographers. It’s priced at $499, easily setting it in-line with the rest of the Pro tools offered up by Apple.

There are plenty of features to be excited about. It’ll be able to span dual screens, and of course handle RAW files (though iPhoto does that, right…? ermm….), while using non-destructive editing processes.

Coolest feature though? Stacks. Aperture will group photographs together based on the length of time between shots taken (this is user adjustable). How sweet is that?!

Go check it out at Apple.com. And if you pony-up the $499, let us know what you think of it.


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