Apple’s latest special event (who’s keeping count these days?) saw the upgrade of the 15″ and 17″ powerbooks with higher resolutions (1440×960 and 1680×1050 respectively), as well as dual core CPUs and dropped pricing on the 23″ and 30″ Cinema Displays. These are all worthy announcements to be sure. But the last thing was the item of interest to me – Aperture.

Basically, Aperture is meant to be a sort of Final Cut for Digital Photographers. It’s priced at $499, easily setting it in-line with the rest of the Pro tools offered up by Apple.

There are plenty of features to be excited about. It’ll be able to span dual screens, and of course handle RAW files (though iPhoto does that, right…? ermm….), while using non-destructive editing processes.

Coolest feature though? Stacks. Aperture will group photographs together based on the length of time between shots taken (this is user adjustable). How sweet is that?!

Go check it out at Apple.com. And if you pony-up the $499, let us know what you think of it.


Peter Mitchell

APERTURE. Like the application. Will consider purchasing, BUT first Apple has to enable raw files for KonicaMinolta Maxuum D7 ‘.MRW’. They just did it for iPhoto with the MacOS 10.4.3 upgrade. Whew, at last I can import my raw photos into iPhoto.

Nick Santilli

Well, at requiring a Dual 2ghz G5, yeah, I’d say the 12″ Powerbook is SOL.
I know that my 1ghz Powerbook is feeling the pinch these days for certain. And with the new iPod only supporting USB 2, my old USB 1 ports aren’t cutting it.
More and more reasons to upgrade…Trying to make it to June ’06!

Gareth Potter

Looks nice, although the system requirements are somewhat…”strenuous”. I presume the PowerBook G4 12″ is excluded as it does not have a sufficiently high-resolution screen, so perhaps an external monitor would render it compatible.

It will be interesting to see how pros take to this. It’s not really a Photoshop competitor, by any means – the paucity of effects makes that clear – but for photographers who only require to manage their photos and make minor retouches without the clutter of the Photoshop interface, this could prove compelling.

We shall see.

Joe H.

I wonder how difficult it will be to move from iView Multimedia pro to Aperature – I have so many personal metatags associated with all my photos…

MIke H.

Wow I am impressed for the first time in a long time.

Aperature is like a cross between shake and iphoto.

But for photos! I think it will make life so much easer to manage my photos with out messing up the originals.

Now if only i had a management tool like this for all my HD footage, catalogs.
I would be able to setup projects on the fly and edit them in Final Cut Pro and thus know where everything is. I hope this would be Apples next step. HAving 7 and 1/2 raids full and one for a scratch disk. Its hard to find everything quickly.

On the Power Mac side I have to say about time!
I would still like to see a Quad Dual-core though.

Also the PowerBooks where disappointing I guess we will have to wait for Intel. Nice displays! But not enough to get me to buy one and no Nvidia Graphics ether to mach the line up of the Power Macs.

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