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@ MIPCOM: TV Industry Must Learn From Music’s Mistakes

[by Mike Butcher @ MIPCOM] Peter Bazalgette of Endemol backed the new video iPod as a way of legitimately downloading TV programmes.
He said P2P swapping of TV programmes is a growing issue, and the TV industry needs to learn from the mistakes of the music industry. (Note: Bazalgette didn’t mention BitTorrent specifically and Mipcom appears to not be addressing the network – it’s almost as if it’s the issue that dare not speak its name here).
He also called for equitable deals for mobile operators, a marketing model for tailor made programmes on mobile, clear pricing for the consumers by the mobile operators.
He also wants to see an ad-funded model for free to air broadcasting over mobile.
“Sell the content as well as the technology. The culture amongst mobile operators is to sell the technology but mobile operators need to sell the content as well,” he said.