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@ MIPCOM: Mobisodes Are Next Mobile TV Evolution

[by Mike Butcher @ MIPCOM] Peter Bazalgette, chief creative officer with Endemol, one of the biggest TV production companies, gave a keynote speech at MIPCOM where he talked about mobile TV.
He said “In-programme activity”, as in the ability to interact via mobile inside a programme such as in “who wants to be a millionaire” has dominated so far.
It’s not small stuff. There were 2.4m SMS in first two weeks in the Philipines version of Big Brother. The Indian version took 40m calls and SMS messages.
Now, TV-to-mobile streaming, such as for Big Brother, and the Italian soap opera “Vivere” are being made available 15mins after the TV broadcast.
“Even if the picture quality is not good, soaps work very well” said Bazalgette.
Exclusive material is also starting to appear on mobile such as Totally Frank in the UK and The X Factor. The former is using ‘mobisodes’ which are made for the mobile.