I need a mouse recommendation


For about 2 years I’ve been using a 12×18 Wacom Intuos2 graphics tablet for my mousing needs. It’s been a fantastic mouse (and tablet) but I don’t have as much use for it as I did before. So what I’d like to do now is snag me a new mouse and keep the tablet off to the side until I actually need it…which would save me a ridiculous amount of desk space.

So, all of that being said, I need some recommendations for a new mouse. It needs atleast 4 buttons and should allow for some sort of page scrolling (whether it be a ball or a scroll wheel…that’s up to you).

Whoever suggests the mouse that I pick will win…my love. Annnnddd GO!



The Mighty Mouse is the worst mouse I’ve ever experienced. The reason this discussion is happening is because they suck. My scroll button never works. I hate it. Worst apple product out there. Any two-dollar Microsoft mouse does better than then damn “mighty mouse”.


Logitech MX1000 looks KILLER, but the performance SUCKED. I went through two of them before giving up. The newer driver is MUCH better, but having tried it out on three different Macs (G5, G4, and a G4 Powerbook), the driver would never hold the settings. It kept needing to be reset on ALL the Macs. Great mouse, but what’s the point if the settings aren’t consistent?


Highly recommend the Kensington Expert mouse. (Get it at amazon for $80)

very easy on the arms/hands, takes some getting used to if ur not used to a trackball.


It’s no flashy by any means, but I’m a big fan of Macally’s DotMouse. I have one at home and on both my Macs on my desk at work! Very simple but very reliable and (at least for me) comfortable.


I used a basic M$ 4-button scrollwheel (well, 5 counting the scrollwheel button) mouse for a few years. The cable went bad just inside the body. I fixed it once, then it went bad again. Replaced it with a Kensington Optical Elite 5-button scrollwheel mouse, and I must say it’s much better. For one, the way you can adjust the acceleration is perfect – it feels much more like an actual extension of my hand’s movement. Something else that’s really cool is that both pairs of buttons can be chorded, giving you 2 more functions. The software is good, and the scrollwheel feels better than the M$. My only complaint is with the actual button switches. Sometimes when I click they feel and sound like they’ve clicked, yet no mouseDown occurs. This mostly on the left button which is by far used the most.


I had a Logitech MX 1000 and I hated the performance and lack of Mac OS X support from Logitech. I’ve had the unit replaced once: the cursor was jumping all over the screen (the replacement was a bit better but the cursor still jumped either left or right by one or two pixels, making it impossible for use with Photoshop, for instance). Now the antenna (Which is NOT wireless) does not catch any signals from the mouse anymore even though the unit is fully charged. That was my experience with it… I am so fed up. I have my eyes set on the Kensington PilotMouse Laser Wireless Pro. Kensington has always supported the Mac platform and their software is way beyond anything Logitech comes up with for the Mac… Oh wait! Logitech doesn’t support the Mac anymore… Their driver hasn’t been updated since Panther… :^P



It’s a nice, small (comparitively) Mac focused company, compared to Logitech etc., and they make quality products.

I’ve used the Macally iOptinet and more recently, the IceMouse, and have been very satisfied.


Logitech’s MX1000 mouse-nothing comes close. I’ve had it for six months and love it! Best mouse Logitech has ever made. This things tracking is more accurate than anything I have ever seen ever. I put my finger over the laser as still as I could and from my view my finger was not moving, but the laser is so accurate it could sense the pulsation in my finger!


I recommend the MX310. Its got plenty of buttons, and its lightweight (easy on the hand) unlike those awful new wireless ones with their heavy batteries.


This is the apple blog, not a forum! LOL
All jokes apart, the mighty nouse is indeed wonderful.

Dan Lurie

MICROSOFT! I know, I know, this is the APPLE blog, but microsoft makes a darn good mouse. I have one of the wireless intellimouse explorers, and I love it to death.

jamie speed

this is a apple blog and yet none of you have recommended the mighty mouse which has a scroll ball and four buttons you should all be ashamed


If price is of any concern, I’d strongly consider seeking one of the $25-ish Microsoft Tilt wheel mice, available in a variety of odd colors and patterns (assuming you’re right-handed, of course). Wireless, optical, and having four buttons plus a three-way (click / scroll vertical / tilt horizontal) wheel; a similar mouse to the one I have is available from Surplus Computers for $16. (the one I have is more of a right-hand-specific tilt wheel deal that was about $25 at Best Buy)


If you also have a portable machine i would buy a bluetooth mouse latest logitech is always a really good option


I really dig my Kensington Optical Elite. It is comfortable to hold, stylish, and sturdy. 4 buttons plus scroll wheel. I don’t care for their software though, I use USB Overdrive instead. And it is also only like $20.


The Kensington Expert Mouse 7.0 rocks my world – it’s really comfy, has 4 buttons (that can do 6 functions), and a scroll ring.

The only downside is that it’s $100, but once you’re over that, you’ll never want to give it up.


Logitech’s MX1000 mouse is really nice. It’s wireless, rechargeable, has tons of buttons and is very comfortable.

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