Video iPod Causes TV Stations to Fret


Like the record labels, television stations are now lamenting the iPod, and are worried about lost revenues, reports the Wall Street Journal. Shouldn’t they be worrying about lost audiences, thanks to bad programing, instead of blaming the technology. I agree with Mark Cuban when he says, “Bob Iger has saved Network TV … By completely changing the economic model.” This is the new economic model that takes into account that most consumption patterns are changing, and media like everything has to fit our supremely busy lives.



I hope Bob Iger doesnt get too greedy and start demanding a share of the video ipod revenues after a while. Cellphone makers have been saying for years that their devices would one day become mobile TVs. Hasnt happened yet and I doubt if the ipod video would change anything. Its just an MP3 player that can also play video.

Jesse Kopelman

Video iPod is no threat to anyone, what with overpriced DRM content. Now, P2P is another story. Most popular shows are out on the nets within 24 hours. Couple that with the current generation of inexpensive streaming media hubs to connect to your big-screen and who needs cable/satellite or TiVo? I don’t think this is much of an issue for networks, as how many Nielson families are net savy? It could be a big issue for HBO and Showtime, however. Why pay their subscription fee or buy their DVDs when you can download the shows for free long before the DVD is available? Since I want to see high quality shows keep getting made, I will continue my subscriptions, but will I soon be in the minority?

Patrick Hynes

Spot on.

Video iPods are going to usher in an amazing period of diversity — whether it be news or entertainment — in the video market. It’ll take a while for the meritocracy known as consumer choice separates the winners from the losers … but at least their will be variety.

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