Now Playing On A Tiny Screen

NYT has a look at the making of mobisodes, basing it a lot on the experience of those behind Fox’s 24:Conspiracy series. The first thing we learn is that bullet holes have to be twice as big and have twice as much blood to be visible on the mobile screen…
Most organizations are still trying to work out what works on the mobile screen: “This is going to be a situation where we all try a bunch of different things because we are trying to figure out what is the right business model,” said Kevin Tsujihara, an executive vice president of Warner Brothers Entertainment. “It will take time to evolve.” However, Fox has “devised the format for a minute-long story arc that started with a conflict, continued with dialogue and ended with a cliffhanger to entice viewers to watch the next episode”. This was after one mobisode looked like a movie trailer…
Also bought up is the cost of actors, which is pertinent after some actors unions announced they would push for their members to get royalties from video shown on iPods. That’s naturally going to extend to mobile video (in fact, I’m surprised it’s not a bigger issue) especially since “24: Conspiracy” and “The Simple Life” were three times as popular as the two dramas not tied to television shows.
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