Mobiles Bring Dialogue And Revenue To TV

TV stations are looking to interact with their customers more in order to fight a decline in revenue, and of course they’re looking to mobiles to do that. Many of the shows seem to be offered free to broadcasters with the producers generating revenue from the premium messages people send in, normally a cut of 30-50% of the total revenue. It adds revenue, but I’m not sure it makes for good TV, for example: A Polish show about “a lanky red devil named Diablo and his dour cartoon sidekick, Angelo” whose dialogue and expressions are crafted entirely from SMS messages sent in by viewers…apart from the disjointed conversation the station received too many messages and “Diablo and Angelo could not chatter fast enough to use all the material”. Money was still received from the premium messages though…
The article also notes that people are used to sending in SMS now, so stations are having to offer the ability to send in video clips which can be interwoven with the show. The shows also seamlessly transition between broadcast TV and video calls with viewers watching a show placing a video call to a specialist at premium rates — examples given are a psychic and a cosmetic surgeon. I think the different mediums will be increasingly interwoven in coming years as “SMS TV” – for short message service – or “participation TV” (as it is known) moves past the gimmick stage and into the normal production stage.
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