Minimage reviews the Fujitsu P1510d


The Fujitsu P1510d has excited a lot of mobile device lovers with its 8.9 inch touch screen in a convertible Tablet form.  Fujitsu will be releasing this beauty with the Tablet Edition next month and I would love to get my hands on one of them.  Tablet enthusiast Minimage has been using a P1510d for a few weeks (non-Tablet version) and has published a nice hands-on article on  She covers every facet of the littlest convertible and even discusses putting Windows Vista Beta on the device.  The bottom line from the review:

If I hadn’t been using an active digitizer for a year and a half, I’d be sold. For those who are new to penabled computing or who have been using PDAs and wishing for something that can do and show more, I have little doubt that the P1510d will deliver. A way simply needs to be found to make the device run cooler.



There is no digitizer on the Fujitsu. It is just a resistive touch pad. Benefit is you can use your finger and don’t need the whacky, expensive pen. Drawback is pressure sensitivity and finer resolution on the pen. I can live with that.
The digitizer is usually a Wacom, but more cool stuff coming…


Do you have any idea when Fujitsu might release a version with an active digitiser in the US?


Reason #1- Fujitsu has already released a touch screen version so this would not be news worthy of a PR. Plus, Japan gets all the goodies first.

#2- It was announced with the other 2 “regular” Tablet PCs.

All speculation on my part but it feels right.


Interesting to read it runs Vista

jk I’m intrigued what makes you think it has an active digitiser? I went on the Japanese Fujitsu site and couldn’t make any sense of it!


Fernando, I believe this version with Tablet OS is a touch screen. Fujitsu Japan just announced a Japanese version that appears to have an active digitizer that should make it over here.


Do you guys know if the Tablet PC version thst is coming out next month will have an active digitizer as regular Tablet PCs do? I had a P1500D for a while and put the Tablet OS on it, and it is really not enough. The passive digitizer is not of the same quality of others I tried (Flybook and Sony U). For instance, I constantly got the “palm” effect, where I rested my palm on the screen while jotting down notes on MS Journal, and then I got an ugly “ink scratch” on my document. With an active digitizer, it would be a completely different ball game…


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yes, i’d be sold too if this sweet thing had an active digitizer with pressure sensativity. if it did, pencil and paper would be obsolete. almost.

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