Major Intel news- new cache technology reduces startup times


Intel announced today a new cache technology that “significantly reduces the time it takes for a notebook PC to power up or access programs”.  The new Robson cache technology showed an almost immediate startup of a Centrino-based notebook during a live demonstration in Taipei.  This new technology also improves battery life making it a great solution for the two things that are the bane of mobile users.  The new cache utilizes NAND flash memory and boots from that instead of the hard drive.  The Robson cache uses conventional NAND flash memory in capacities from 64MB to 4GB.  This is huge news for mobile users.

(via Computerworld)



huge news indeed. i was thinking today of what might make me decide to finally replace my 1.4Ghz Centrino with 1.2MB RAM IBM Thinkpad T40. faster processing, more memory, and all those improvements couldn’t because i believe a computer is bound to slow down over time. so unless i was jumping from 1.4ghz to, say, 4ghz processing speed, i wouldn’t switch. but a major change in the architecture like the one reported here would certainly make me switch. i’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while.

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