Google stop the blogspam!


Chris Pirillo is trying to get something done about the epidemic blog spam that has grown over the past few months to epic proportions.  Most of the spam sites that have been set up for the sole purpose of spamming both legitimate blogs and to scam Google with Adsense and Adsords keywords are blogs.  This is ironic as Chris points out because they are designed to scam Google out of ad revenue for content that is either gibberish or in some cases the full republishing of legitimate copyrighted materials of others.  The irony?  Google owns Blogger which is responsible for the lion’s share of the spamming.  He has published a public fist-shaking cry for Google to fix this, and they have responded already that they will.  Here’s hoping they can do this effectively.  My RSS reader routinely returns 400 – 500 garbage feeds per day and it’s getting worse.  Come on Google, get this under control!



Molly, read Mark Cuban’s blog or Chris Pirillo’s blog. Spammers are able to use robots to create thousands of spam blogs in minutes which is the real problem. The search engines can’t adjust fast enough to block them.

Phillip Molly Malone

Why are subsribing to so many Spam blogs? Or is it the case that it isn’t actually blogger doing the spaming, its actually the search companies (i.e. the ego search ones) that aren’t doing a good job of weeding out spam?


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