Ed Bott- Troubleshoot slow startups


One of the peskiest problems confronting Windows XP users is the slow system startup.  Running a WinXP box for a few months will almost guarantee your system will start to really slow at boot time and many users have no clue how to fix that.  Windows expert Ed Bott has published part one of a series- Troubleshoot Slow Startups that gives step by step instructions that anyone can follow to speed up booting.  The series looks to be an excellent one with tips like this in Part 1:

One cause of slow startups is a program (or programs) trying unsuccessfully to load or make a network connection when you log on to your user account. To identify this sort of problem, create a new user account and log on using that account. If the new account starts up normally, you can start looking more closely at what’s happening in your user profile.

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