Tablet PC rebuilding lessons learned


The Paperless Student rebuilt a Tablet PC and learned a valuable lesson about the process.  HP is one of the few OEMs that provide a Windows XP Tablet Edition DVD for rebuilding their Tablet PCs which makes rebuilding their Tablets much easier than those of other OEMs.  Even so, it is a good idea to follow the recommended guidelines in the rebuilding process.  This article points out what happens when you skip a step and go right to the end.  Good read for anyone considering a rebuild of their Tablet.

1. Clean install of Windows XP Tablet Edition
2. Installed drivers, software, and updates from the Drivery Recovery CD dated 2004
3. Installed newer drivers as recommended by the HP Total Care website

It seems like the problems I had on Thursday and Friday were due to my own impatience and desire for perfection. I didn’t want to install old drivers (old drivers are OLD) I just wanted new ones. I skipped step 2 and went straight to the HP website. That made the system run terribly.

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