Home Network Headaches Equal Opportunities For Some

The increasingly complex requirements of home networks are becoming a headache for most consumers who don’t want to deal with firewalls and all the fancy stuff. A handful of start-ups see this as an opportunity. Sereniti, for example for $10 a month will manage your home network remotely if you use its smart gateway router, which comes as part of the package. Pure Networks is selling a software Network Magic, that makes managing windows based home networks as easy to manage as say, Apple machines. (Okay that was just a joke.) I wonder if we will see more of these offerings given that more and more WiFi devices are finding their way into our homes, and the complexity of the home networks is only going to increase. Has anyone seen any other examples of such companies? I wonder if incumbents – Comcast, SBC etc., – will start offering Sereniti-style home network management services.

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