AOL’s Talk With Comcast Adds To Verizon’s Woes


This is true not just for Verizon, but also for SBC, and for people who’re betting all on just IPTV, well, wake up and smell the IP…the news of AOL’s suitors, including talks with Comcast and Google, could aggravate a headache for Verizon, as this story says.

Even before word of the possible deal leaked out, investors were concerned over competitive threats posed to Verizon by the Internet…its biggest gorwth are has been sale of DSL lines. But Comcast is one of Verizon’s biggest competitors in this business, and owning a piece of AOL would give it new advantages, including the huge repository of broadband content.

Verizon’s content plans online? Well, a puny co-branded portal with MSN.

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