Robbie Gets Truly Mobile In Concert


Robbie Williams In ConcertRobbie Williams launched his new album Intensive Care with a concert in Berlin, which was simulcast into 27 cinemas and nightclubs in 11 different countries, as well as a live stream onto 100,000 mobile phones.
“To everyone in the cinema and watching on your phones, this is the future, baby,” Williams said after a crowd-pleasing performance seen by 7500 in Berlin and another 10,000 in cinemas from Amsterdam to Zagreb.
Williams is keen to embrace new music distribution methods, by all accounts. An article in Monsters and Critics quotes him as saying: “There’s a real musical revolution happening and mobile music is the way forward…And my management has positioned me to be at the forefront of technology.”
For those in the US who haven’t heard of Robbie Williams he’s sold 35 million albums…
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