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NYT on Tablet PCs

Excellent article today in the New York Times covering the current state of the Tablet PC today.  The author covers a number of Tablets: Motion LS800, Gateway CX200, HP tc4200, Lenovo ThinkPad X41, Toshiba M4 and the Fujitsu P1510D with the touchscreen.  It is nice to see mainstream media offering an article about Tablet PCs that is actually useful. 

One Response to “NYT on Tablet PCs”

  1. I agree with Warner that it reads liek a bunch of hardware press releases. Yes, it’s good that the article is there but how about some useful links (MS Tablet website etc.) or a screenshot or two about ink in action.

    I don’t that the article in itself would tempt too many people to follow teh manufacturer links and investigate tablets.