New Video iPod and other Apple announcements


Yesterday was the “big day” for Apple to make some noise about it’s most recent contribution to tech with the video iPod, updated iMac’s, a remote control for Front Row and a new version of iTunes (primarily to support video content for the new iPod’s).

For the detail people, the new fifth generation iPod are thinner than previous versions, sport a 320×240 pixel screen on a 2.5” display and can decode MPEG-4 and H.264 at up to 30fps and has video out.  There is a 30GB and 60GB model priced at $299 and $399 respectively.



I think it’s a major turndown, the new iPod… I mean, it’s fun to have your video files with you on the go, but on a screen that small? Heck, even on my Pocket PC it’s a lot better! I really hoped Apple would come with some sort of new revolutionary device, but instead they re-introduced the iPod yet again, and added video support (in a somewhat crappy way, I might add). Looks like Apple is following Maxis’ footsteps here :).

Come on apple, you and your really creative ideas, come up with something new will ya! We already have over a dozen media players, not to mention uPC’s, Pocket PC’s and whatnot! All are capable of running video and in a far better way too!

Uhm, sorry, I let myself a bit off the hook here :). David out. (that was a joke…no seriously :).


Yeah. Kind of what I thought you’d say. I don’t have a full iPod yet so like I said, I guess I am getting one at a good time! :D I just look at the video portion as a nice extra.

I bet you’d buy the minute they have a 80 or 100 GB iPod or one with a MUCH larger screen….OR a Apple Mac Tablet…2 other rumors that did not come true this week.

Tip for bloggers and pundits….find out what Steve Jobs is poo pooing and that’s what Apple will have out next year. Worked for video iPod and worked for Shuffle/Nano (Flash MP3 players).


gorkon, I have a 40 gb iPod and it is sufficient for me. I have no desire to watch (or buy) video for play on a 2.5″ screen. I love my iPod but not for video. But I’m sure millions will buy them as they do every model Apple produces. :)


My question for you James is do you want one? :D I want one but not because of video. I already decided I want a regular iPod for Christmas and I will probably get one. I currently have a 1 GB shuffle and I want at least a 20 GB (but 30 GB is FINE! :D ) iPod so I can have ALL of my music and so that I don’t have to go to funky gyrations to load podcasts on my shuffle. With the regular iPod, at least it will jsut sync those automagically.

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